The Creature’s novel/ novella (when it comes) Soundtrack

Thank you ladies – you know who you are, for providing the inspiration! Not sure how I’m going to get into the groove thinking about the Creature though……when I should be thinking about Pure Magnetism


9 thoughts on “The Creature’s novel/ novella (when it comes) Soundtrack”

  1. Somehow the Creature occupies everybodys mind after Pure Providence….now why would that be? 😉
    But i dó want Goya’s story first! …..Please?🐾


      1. No! 😱 It’s because of the music we’ve been sending you,isn’t it?🤭
        I tried to focus on Goya….i did,honestly!

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  2. I would like to say just listening to the soundtrack Behind Blue Eyes the words in the song nailed the creature. From what we have learned of him the words says it how he feel and who he is.


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