The Pure/Dark series

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Brilliant moments of raw emotion and vivid description that make this an engaging read.
—Amazon Reviewer

A rich story that will grab you at the prologue and never let go.
—Amazon Reviewer

Fantastic! It was extremely interesting, with a wide cast of mystical, and intriguing characters, and juicy, passionate romance…On the sex-ohhhh-meter… ya the scenes were pretty hot.
Lily @ Bookluvrs Haven



Front Cover_PureHealing_High ResUnique, Raw, and Beautifully written love story!
—Amazon Reviewer

All I can say is, WOW. I think Ms. James did an outstanding job crafting a complex world of Pure Ones vs. vampires. The story had a similar tenor and tone to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
—The Book Chick

This book is a diamond with many facets…I was sad when the story was over because I wanted more. 
—Goodreads Reviewer



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What can I say – I’d give this one six out of five stars if possible.
—Goodreads Reviewer


I couldn’t stop reading the words or turning the pages. And talk about HOT! Whew, I’m still fanning myself…This has suspense, mystery, and action so if you want more than just romance then this is a must read.
—Kel (Faerie-bookworm), Love Great Reads Blog

I absolutely love Aja’s writing. Her character development is flawless. 
—Goodreads Reviewer