The Pure/Dark series


ph3_smallUnique, Raw, and Beautifully written love story!
—Amazon Reviewer

All I can say is, WOW. I think Ms. James did an outstanding job crafting a complex world of Pure Ones vs. vampires. The story had a similar tenor and tone to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
—The Book Chick

This book is a diamond with many facets…I was sad when the story was over because I wanted more. 
—Goodreads Reviewer





Brilliant moments of raw emotion and vivid description that make this an engaging read.
—Amazon Reviewer

A rich story that will grab you at the prologue and never let go.
—Amazon Reviewer

Fantastic! It was extremely interesting, with a wide cast of mystical, and intriguing characters, and juicy, passionate romance…On the sex-ohhhh-meter… ya the scenes were pretty hot.
Lily @ Bookluvrs Haven




Dark Desires1_small

What can I say – I’d give this one six out of five stars if possible.
—Goodreads Reviewer

I couldn’t stop reading the words or turning the pages. And talk about HOT! Whew, I’m still fanning myself…This has suspense, mystery, and action so if you want more than just romance then this is a must read.
—Kel (Faerie-bookworm), Love Great Reads Blog

I absolutely love Aja’s writing. Her character development is flawless. 
—Goodreads Reviewer




dp1 (1)_smallThis book has so many small stories running through the whole that you daren’t put it down & the need to know keeps you turning pages even when you should be sleeping , really can’t wait for book five!
—Goodreads Reviewer

This series just keeps getting better and drawing me into it’s characters and storylines more and more. This book ended way before I was ready for it to as I wanted to keep reading and learn more, but I’ll definitely be back for future books!
—Goodreads Reviewer

The originality of this story, coupled with the amazing world-building, fantastic story-line, and brilliant characters, demand that this book be given the full five stars.
Archaeolibrarian – I dig good books Blog



pure rapture_smallThe pace is perfect and it is pretty much impossible putting this book down, so be ready for a reading marathon! This book is definitely another one of her page turners and one of the reasons I pick can’t resist them!
—Goodreads Reviewer

I haven’t read a true paranormal/fantasy book this good in a very long time…The Dark Ones series is definitely worth a look-see.
Harlie’s Books

Another story that is a heavy read…because I did not want to miss on any part of it, because I wanted to know everything word by word, I wanted to take the journey the characters were taking me on and discover their secrets.
Two Crazy Ladies Love Romance



DR1_smallThis installment leaves a load of unanswered questions between the couple, and the storyline in General its a huge crescendo but brilliantly done.
—Goodreads reviewer

It is an intelligent, coherent, dynamic and well-written plot. You will not be disappointed because even though the central couple finds their HEA at the end of the book, new events involving the other characters in this paranormal universe Pure One/ Dark One have come up to instigate your imagination…I can’t put this one down…like the others… Certainly, you won’t too.

—Goodreads reviewer