Starter list for Song of Dragons Soundtrack

PVRIS, Old Wounds Valley of Wolves, Heroes Linkin Park, Waiting for the End Hinder, Intoxicated Generdyn, Stand Alone Art of Dying, Breathe Again War*Hall, Last One Standing Unsecret feat. Sam Tinnesz, Never Stay Down Unsecret, Made for the Battle Smash Into Pieces feat. Jay Smith, Boomerang Bebe, Cocaine Linkin Park, I’ll Be Gone Linkin Park,… Continue reading Starter list for Song of Dragons Soundtrack


Official Soundtrack – Dream of Dragons

Soundtrack for Dream of Dragons Courtesy of the incredible Cecile! Starset, Die For You Within Temptation feat. Jacoby Shaddix, The Reckoning Renegade Five, Darkest Age My Darkest Days, Come Undone Zayde Wolf, Ruelle, Walk Through the Fire Sam Tinnesz, Legends Are Made Sam Tinnesz, Human Sam Tinnesz, Leading the Pack Shaman’s Harvest, In Chains Blue… Continue reading Official Soundtrack – Dream of Dragons