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Something different for a change… what I do when I’m down with the flu

  1. Feel sorry for self
  2. Litter the house with wadded tissues (partly because I can’t be bothered to pick up after myself and partly because it irks my husband to no end… hehe… I’m evil when sick)
  3. Sleep whenever I can (despite little hands patting me all over my face to wake me up and little voices saying “Mommy, Mommy, wake up!” every five minutes)
  4. Drink way more water than I usually do
  5. Cough and sneeze and blow out all sorts of nastiness (which in a perverse way makes me feel productive, seeing all the dead bodies of my white blood cells as they rage wars against the invading foreign agents)
  6. Hole up in layers of comfy blankets with a really great book! (see post on my favorite romance books and authors)

What do you do when you’re down with the flu?

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