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Top Ten Things readers would be surprised to know about me! Q&A with Lock That Door!

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 10 Things Reader’s Would Be Surprised To Know About Me

  1. I was born in China, and came to the U.S. at age 7 with a traveling theatre group touring top universities around the world.2. I’ve studied, worked or lived on all 7 continents except Antarctica.

    3. I’ve been brought up by white American families, African American families, lived with Latin American families (married to an Argentinean) and Asian families.

    4. My favorite before bed treat is a pint of Häagen-Dazs (white chocolate raspberry truffle) and a bag of Lays Sour Cream and Onion potato chips. Every night. Until I gain 10 pounds, after which I stop until I sort of lose the weight and come back to it again when I can no longer help myself.

    5. My second favorite snack is Cha Cha Five-spice sunflower seeds. I can go through a whole bag like a bird with a machine-gun beak while binge watching whatever drama series I’m currently hooked on (right now it’s Sons of Anarchy).

    6. My childhood dream (aside from becoming abest-selling novelist) was to get married at age 21 and have 7 children with the love of my life, 6 boys, 1 girl (the youngest).

    7. If I had one super power it’s to speak, read and write any language. I want to speak fluently like a native. I want to be able to communicate with anyone in the world and build meaningful relationships through a common language.

    8. My pen name Aja is a combination of my best friend’s heritage (Swedish) and my own heritage (Asian). Aja is a Nordic name pronounced as “Asia.” And James is simply to make it less exotic 😛 Aja also happens to be an Indian baby name meaning goat.

    9. My birth name means “Not of this World,” or “ethereal.” And I was named after a famous male artist.

    10. I’ve been to more than a dozen schools before my teens because I moved around so much. The shortest time was one day, and the teachers felt so sorry for me (because I didn’t even have a lunch) that they cooked me up a fried egg sandwich, which I thought was the best thing ever!

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