A woman and 3 boys – part 1

No, it’s not what you think. Get your head out of the gutter! 😛

I’m talking about me stuck amongst one large male of a husband and two tiny (soon to be large males) Gremlins.

Well, maybe only my younger one is the Gremlin (though he looks like Gismo), my older one is quite well behaved, except that sometimes, he has so much nervous energy he doesn’t know where to focus it all.

Like this morning – I’m trying to teach him to read, and for a boy who’s extremely smart, who’s logic is ironclad, he just can’t seem to get the pattern of words. Double ee makes E sound, tree, see, cheek, meet, etc. Just couldn’t get it.

I’m afraid I wasn’t the most patient of teachers either, because he kept moving his limbs around every which way and couldn’t sit still to save his life.

Anyone has any advice on teaching little boys to read??

angry lilo and stitch GIF


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