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Who I Envision When I Develop Dark Longing

I keep a “journal” of sorts on all of my characters and flesh them out over time. If you don’t want to be influenced by my vision of what each character looks like, DO NOT PROCEED.

But if you’re curious how they look in my head, here are some of the Dark Ones

Maximus: The picture below conjures the image of a wolf, and not just any wolf, but leader of the pack. The Alpha Male. Maximus to a T.


Ryu: The actor below is actually the inspiration for Ryu and his story. So this is one rare instance where I modeled a character after a real person rather than find a real person that sort of fits the character’s looks. The actor’s name is Lee Soo Hyuk. He’s Korean, not Japanese, though Ryu is Japanese. More than anything, I am hypnotized by his voice. Google him and listen to him speak. I think you’ll know how I got inspired =^.^=


Devlin: The picture below shows a well-groomed, good looking golden gentleman, which personifies everything Devlin stands for—at least on the outside. And that tiny, not-quite-there smile is perfection.


Inanna (Heroine of Dark Longing): What I like about this particular model is that she’s truly ageless. There’s an innocence and light about her, but also a sort of melancholy. Inanna has always carried a deep sadness within her… until she reunites with her one true love.


Anastasia: This picture is more of a place holder. Maybe I’ll replace it when I get to Ana’s story. But what it does capture is the fierceness in her gaze. She’s a warrior through and through.


Jade: This is a Taiwanese actress I’ve idolized since I was a small girl. I even had a cut-out of her from a magazine taped to my wall. What is unique about her are the full, pillowy lips, the upper lip somewhat fuller than the bottom. There’s a sexuality about her that’s both obvious and tasteful. Elegant, sexy and graceful, which well represents the Dark Queen.


And… here are some of the humans and “others” as yet uncategorized 😛 You’ll know what I mean when you read the series.

Gabriel (Hero of Dark Longing): Gabriel is definitely human, but will he remain so, and was he always? I picked this picture and this model because his shots always have wayward hair covering half his face, which is how we meet Gabriel for the first time in Dark Longing.


Ere: I debated whether or not to put up a picture of Ere. This one is in my notes, but the way he looks always changes in my mind whenever I write him. This picture is almost too masculine with the square jaw and defined angles (Ere’s chin is more pointed and his face shape is more of an oval), but it does capture his intensity and makes you wonder what he’s thinking about…


Ex-military human Chevalier (yet to be named, brief appearance in Dark Longing): He’ll definitely get more written about him, since I’ve already felt inspired enough to find a picture 🙂


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