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Dark Pleasures coming out next week!!

All right, I’ve been MIA for a while now on this blog. Been busy relocating the family, starting a new job (which doesn’t give me much time at all, if any, to write!! :(*), but just wanted to pop in an say hellooooo! I’m still here, and there’s still a lot going on in the Pure/ Dark Ones world!

First off, Book 4, Dark Pleasures is coming out next Friday, June 15th! Can’t believe it!! Where does the time go???

dp1 (1)_small

I know that as the author (rather like a mother to my characters, even though I put them through the ringer) I shouldn’t have favorites, but of course I do. 😛

Grace, the heroine of Book 4, might be one of my favorite female leads in the series. If you haven’t noticed by now, I like writing about many different types of people with different backgrounds, skills, cultural experiences, personalities, and so forth. As one of my readers (who’s a Star Trek fan) pointed out, Grace is like a mix of the logical Vulcans and the Borg Seven of Nine, with an extremely sensual side that makes her an interesting and highly combustible mix, as our Hero, Devlin Sinclair, very quickly finds out.

I really enjoyed creating Devlin and Grace’s love story and continuing to explore the Pure/ Dark Ones universe. Much more is still yet to come, and if you’re impatient, Book 5 Pure Rapture is available for pre-order!

As always, hope to hear from you, and have fun reading!

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