Being inspired – Book 8 Dark Obsession

After finishing Book 7, Pure Ecstasy, my inspiration dried up for many months. Not because I was anywhere near done with the Pure/ Dark Ones series, but because of real life intruding into my fantasy world.

But also, I was in a bit of a slump. I knew what Book 8 was going to be about, who the main characters are, but I hadn’t quite figured out the rest. In fact, I put out the cover and blurb BEFORE I’d figured anything out at all!

The good news is, my subconscious apparently knew enough to inspire me to develop the cover and know the general gist of the story. I was just getting impatient for this knowledge to manifest itself into more details. As I said before, when I write, it’s like I’m watching a movie unfold. I was as impatient as anyone to see how this particular story would unfold.

Then BAM! A few days ago, during the winter holidays, I was hit with inspiration. Two sleepless nights later, the bones of Maximus’s story came together. In addition, the tapestry of the Pure/ Dark Ones world revealed a patch of uncharted territory to me as if it had been veiled by magic before. And in these few days, I’ve written about a fourth of the book.

I am so excited to write the story as it tells itself! Most days I don’t even know what I’m writing until I start. And then it just comes out like a flood, and I’m smiling as I write because I have no idea what will happen, but I’m glued to the computer screen to find out!

I hope you, dear readers, will love this novel as much as I’m loving it right now. My favorite book in the series is always the one I’m writing, and this is no different.

I hope you’ll tune in for Maximus and his destined mate. Be sure to check out the sneak peeks I’ve posted!




dark obsession

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