The many surprises of Book 8 Dark Obsession

As mentioned before, I love the writing process because, for me, it’s so organic. Many things are unplanned. I know broad strokes about where things might go, character personalities, but not much else. Even the connections that readers say are so intricately woven and that I must have some sort of master plan–I’ve got news for you folks–there is no master plan!! 😛

The story evolves as I write it. Sometimes, it goes in a completely different direction than I intended.

This is one of those times.

And I absolutely loved writing this book because I got to watch the story unfold as I was writing it. I couldn’t wait to see where it would go.

One unintentional theme that is woven throughout this story is the focus on the father-son relationship. Only at about half way through did I realize the thread that just kept showing itself. Several father-son relationships are highlighted in this book:

* Eli and Ryu
* Tal and his longing for his lost son
* Maximus and the search for his father
* the Creature and the son it can’t claim

I wonder if these relationships will ever be “resolved.” My heart goes out to the fathers and sons who are/ have been lost to each other.

What truths will be revealed in the process?

Keep reading the series to find out!

5 thoughts on “The many surprises of Book 8 Dark Obsession”

  1. Exciting! ❤ I love how limitless the artistic process can be, and that's apparent in writing as well! I love how detailed this series is, and I'm always excited to read more. Rarely have I found a series where I love later books equally or even more than each previous book! (Especially since I loved the first one!)


  2. I agree with Stephanie,i love each and every story of this series equally! And giving them such detail,keeping track of everyone in every story,thát is special. I still don’t buy your story of not having a grand Master Plan,Aja. You’re just not telling us what’s in those scrolls….they hold the history as well as the future of the Pure and Dark Ones,and i know you must’ve read them!


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