Cover reveal – Dalair’s novella

It’s all in my head, folks! It’s in there and it’s not coming out! But it’s definitely in there… Meanwhile, enjoy!

PP Cover

16 thoughts on “Cover reveal – Dalair’s novella”

      1. And if you write down bits and pieces of Goya’s story inbetween? So that you won’t lose what you want to tell us about him,and give you a chance to focus on Dalair again?


  1. So looking forward to hearing Dalair’s story! Love the books and developed a real attachment for Sophia and Dalair. 😊


      1. I was introduced to your world in Pure Healing. I’m so very impressed by your world building and your really cool and original take on vampires. Not easily done these days. 😊

        I just had to pre-order Pure Awakening and really enjoyed getting more glimpses of Sophia and Dalair’s past. I plan to catch up on more of this neat series with my Kindle Unlimited membership.

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  2. Can’t wait to hear Dalair story, you have left so many hints in Jade and Seth story. Can’t wait to see where you go with Dalair story. I am wondering who is Goya?


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