Goya the Tiger King


I’ve been so obsessed with Goya from writing Dark Obsession that I’ve gone ahead and had his book’s cover developed too!! And now I’m dreaming up the cover for the Creature’s book!

Instead of actually writing the books…….


But very happy with Goya’s book cover 🙂

But not happy about the lack of writing :(………

2 thoughts on “Goya the Tiger King”

  1. I have a suggestion, Ms. Aja, of a title for your book about Binu, by whatever name the Creature is called.
    It could be titled Dark Deliverance. I figure Binu is Dark, not Pure.
    As to Deliverance:
    We have now witnessed, by flashback, the actual labor and birth, and then handing over of the newborn Binu to, well, I ought not spoil it for the blog readers, but it is in the books. It is Binu/the creature at its absolute most helpless. The newborn boy is entirely at the mercy of adults, at this point, for his Deliverance. And yet Deliverance has occurred against all odds.
    They thought Binu would not even be born at one point, and yet Binu’s mother (not going to spoil that either) delivered the baby boy. We thought the baby would not draw breath, but with the help of another adult whose identity I won’t spoil, the boy drew breath, and lived. And then we thought the baby was going to be murdered, but an adult intervened, and delivered the baby away from those who wanted him dead.
    Granted, I have little if any idea how you are going to get the Creature out of the spot that he is in, rather like being caught in some kind of net. That’s your business. But I like the idea of Binu’s Dark Deliverance, maybe it will please you too. Thank you!


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