Cover Reveal: Creature’s book!

Covers are sources of inspiration for me. They set the tone for the story being told. Covers and soundtracks for the novels are what get the juices flowing. Here’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come… at some point in the future, possibly not the near future.

But you never know!


20 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Creature’s book!”

      1. So….now that Cloud and Aella’s story is out there,when are you going to start on C’s story?🤨
        We’re all dying to know what happened to make him the person he is today🤔

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      1. So…..now that Pure Surrender is finished…..👀
        Are you going to start writing C’s story very soon?🤔
        Please? 😘
        Pretty please?😍
        Very pretty please?🥰
        I’m on my knees?🙏🏼
        (You see what i’m doing here?😉)

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      2. Seriously? Hasn’t it suffered enough?🤭
        I know what it did to Dalair isn’t “pretty”….and all the other evil stuff,but….be honest,it has been in that bitches claws for so long,it doesn’t recognise wrong from right anymore! 😱
        Although…..it seems to be changing course🤔

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      3. And with good reason. It’s been through só much,and still standing….”reasonably sane”,or should i say,not totally insane….
        I think it’s a matter of both,we are mostly who we’re born as,but influences throughout life have a way of shaping us into the people we end up being. Like,when you’re betrayed once too often,you become weary,or when you lose a child,you live your life much more in the present,and you don’t look too far ahead. Plus you need those close to you even more…..

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