To Write or not to Write…

So, I’ve recently finished writing Pure Magnetism, Goya’s book. And I enjoyed writing it VERY much! Goya is one of a kind, as are all the males in this series, but he is so pure and sweet and strong that he has a special place in my (and Cecile’s :P) heart.

Now… I’ve already developed the Creature’s book cover. I think it’s time we peel some of “its” layers back. But I’ve been neglecting another pair that was introduced in book 1, and it’s niggling me.

On the one hand, the female lead is telling me to GET ON WITH IT! She can’t wait any more. But on the other hand, the male lead continues to be EXTREMELY RELUCTANT. Who should I listen to??

I need some inspiration… music… photos… ANYTHING!

Here are the characters in my head:

8 thoughts on “To Write or not to Write…”

  1. Thank you só much for MY Tiger! ❤️🐾🥰 I could use your help chasing off all those hussies,though….They keep trying to steal him!😡
    And please,please don’t listen to Cloud! Give Aella what she needs😎

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  2. I cannot find this book, Pure Magnetism, anywhere! I read all of the others on Kindle, but when I search NOTHING comes up! Help!


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