Inspiration for Cloud

Thanks for Starr and Cecile for providing inspiration for Cloud…I wanted to share some of the more scintillating images 😛

The body is pretty inspiring, gals, as is the warrior “concept”. Still looking for that mixed-race face with bright blue, wolf-like eyes, high cheek bones and angular jawline… 🙂


37720835_225086598202469_8312410774748266496_n20214413_155149575041639_8378041074781782016_n51a656e2759ecf4c3c2597a4ba959a7bimages (5)56609041_217790262513621_3119076915938466481_nimages (2)859c85bd05884cd86c5b9513331f3167

Cloud has this type of blue eyes (but in an angular, Asian-ish face):

9 thoughts on “Inspiration for Cloud”

      1. I know Aella is a little obsessed with his body,but…i thought you wanted a face to go with that 🔥 body!🤪😂


      2. If you keep looking at those 🔥bodies,you’re not going to find his face🤪
        Get your mind out of the gutter,woman!
        I heard you were sending Starr the pics you didn’t post here and she nearly combusted! 😂


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