My Beautiful Creature…

Well… as my Muses and ARC readers know, I recently completed Pure Darkness, the Creature’s novella.

I hardly know what to do with myself now. I can’t stop thinking about “it”…

I’m supposed to move on to Ramses book – delicious, dark, decadent Ramses.


The Creature has my heart. He has my soul. I cannot bear to leave him…


12 thoughts on “My Beautiful Creature…”

  1. Could it be that he,Dalair and Sophia restore their friendship? And that he finally accepts he has a loving family? Because i would love to see thát happen!


  2. You could always add little bits and pieces of Eveline and Ramses’s story to keep to the timeline…..😇
    Inbetween giving us that much needed peace of mind🙏🏼


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