Back to the Beginning

Hello readers:

It’s been a while since I posted to the blog. I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching lately (pun intended) as it relates to the Pure/ Dark Ones series.

I’ve always meant to end the series with about 12 books. The number 12 has a lot of meaning in this series – the Dozen, the Zodiac, cycles, etc. I went with my inspiration as it happened and didn’t really plan for 12 books, but somehow, with the novellas in between, the journey has come full circle with Book 12, Sophia and Dalair’s story. See some of my thoughts on that one: here.

When I began with Sophia’s 1st person POV in Book 1 Pure Healing, I honestly didn’t know I would end with her story, though there might have been a whisper of that inclination at the time. I was more preoccupied with the main couple of the book – Rain and Valerius. As the series evolved, I still had no idea it would expand to the breadth and complexity that you see toward the end, and yet, looking back to Book 1, all the clues were there. I think perhaps someone in the universe was scattering sparks of inspiration into my imagination as I went along.

It has been a fantastic ride! I loved writing every book, and every couple has a special place in my heart. We are not done yet. There’s still one more story to tell in the Pure/ Dark Ones world. Loyal readers will know whom exactly I am talking about. 😉

As to spin-offs, I have not decided. I am both loathe, apprehensive, and excited to potentially leave this universe. But before we get to that point, my next project will be to come full circle to Book 1 again. It was written back in 2011/12. Almost 10 years ago. While I know there are many readers who love book 1 best (I even have a few readers who were disappointed with Book 2 and never picked the series back up), my writing style is similar but quite different now. My experiences have gotten a lot richer. Most of all, I’d like to revisit the beginning and give my readers more RAIN AND VALERIUS 🙂

I’m counting on you, Muses! To inspire me as you always have in the beta process. Think of this as a whole new book. I may even change the cover.



1 thought on “Back to the Beginning”

  1. I’m dreading the day this series end….because i absolutely adore this world!❤️❤️❤️❤️
    At least we have one very important story yet to be told💞
    And going back to the beginning will be good,too😎
    The search for music is going well,and i hope you’ll be able to use the inspiration we send🤔

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