Official Soundtrack – Dream of Dragons

Soundtrack for Dream of Dragons

Courtesy of the incredible Cecile!

Starset, Die For You

Within Temptation feat. Jacoby Shaddix, The Reckoning

Renegade Five, Darkest Age

My Darkest Days, Come Undone

Zayde Wolf, Ruelle, Walk Through the Fire

Sam Tinnesz, Legends Are Made

Sam Tinnesz, Human

Sam Tinnesz, Leading the Pack

Shaman’s Harvest, In Chains

Blue October, Ugly Side

Jung Youth, Sam Tinnesz, Fighter

Message from Sylvia, Embrace the Rage

Jay Smith, Here Without You

Soyou, Tell Me

Through Fire, Listen To Your Heart

Bad Wolves, Hear Me Now

Fivefold, Til Death

Five Finger Death Punch, When The Seasons Change

Sixx: A.M., Without You

Citizen Soldier, In Pieces

Tommee Profitt feat. Fleurie, Undone

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