Songs of the Day: For Sorin and Ere

2 thoughts on “Songs of the Day: For Sorin and Ere”

  1. I left a “like” because I really like your facebook page and I’m just getting use to your blog. But, I’m sure I will like it, as well. I get so many emails that I’m cleaning them out. I came across your books and adding 8 out 17 of the Dark Ones Series. I believe I already had one of the books to be honest. I read a lot of books so I pick of books which interest me when I see them. I like having the books because I will go back to read them at a later date or right away. Also, thank you for setting the price on some of your books at a low reasonable price so I could purchase multiple books instead of a couple. By doing this and when the books are very good or better, I don’t know if Authors knows, I’ll come back and usual purchase the remaining books at the higher cost. Apologize for the long message.


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