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Top 5 Gifts for Him (tried and true on my husband)

  1. Clothes. Nothing that requires the tailored sort of fit (my husband has very rare measurements – broad shoulders and back, long limbs, narrow waist, so unless they are tailored to the particular weight he happens to be at, they won’t show him off to the best advantage). The clothes that can’t go wrong are T-shirts and sweaters, the bigger and roomier the better.
  2. Cuff links. Some men are closet jewelry hogs. Mine is one of those. He counts his little treasures like the Gollum with his “precious.” And there are so many ways to personalize cuff links to make them extra special.
  3. Something from Home Depot. Like a special heavy duty manly drill or somesuch. Always strokes the male ego nicely even if you never expect him to use it. The gesture implies that you believe he’s capable of handling it like a pro, even if this would be an embellishment of the truth.
  4. Sports tickets. Self explanatory.
  5. Money/ Gift Card. Yes, a bit crass, a bit thoughtless. But if you attach it with “I just want you to buy yourself something you really need or want right now, honey,” you might do OK. I never know what he likes to read at any given point in time, for example, since he reads IT books that I have no interest in learning about.

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