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Best comfort foods

  1. Grandma’s Fried chicken. When I was about eight, my mom left me to spend a week with one of her African American colleagues. He took me to his grandmother’s house on the weekend where she fried up the best chicken I ever tasted. Just smelling it and hearing it crackling from the kitchen made my mouth water. So juicy and succulent and delicious. It was one of the best weekends I can remember from my childhood.
  2. Haggen Dazs ice cream. My favorite is Raspberry white chocolate truffle. Try it, it’s to die for. When I’m feeling down and stressed, I eat a pint a day. Often with #5 on the list.
  3. Honey and pineapple baked ham. My mom always made this recipe, and it’s one I now always make for my kids. Especially when it’s cold outside, you have the oven baking, you smell the ham cooking, and all’s well in the world.
  4. Chinese home style pork belly. Every Chinese home has their own recipe. I have mine. Mine are the best, and I’m not divulging the secrets. Just made some the other day for the boys. They couldn’t speak for stuffing their mouths so full.
  5. Lays sour cream & onion potato chips. It’s a nasty addiction from my teenage years. My mother had a bad snacking habit, which I inherited and took to the next level. Now that I’m older, eating those chips actually makes my stomach rebel, but they sure feel good on the way down.

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