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My Top 5 Favorite Scenes from Pure Healing (Book 1)

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  1. When Valerius goes through the rite in order to apply to be Rain’s Consort. This is the first step he takes on a path that will change his destiny. He’s been relatively reactive up to this point, but this is where he makes a stand.
  2. First flash back in Valerius’ back story. I enjoyed bringing an ancient civilization to life. I’m a huge fan of the period and almost all television/ movie productions related to it.
  3. Sophia and Ere exchanging notes. The majority of the book is pretty intense and heavy. I like these moments of normality that connects us back to real life.
  4. When Rain and Valerius finally get it on! Enough said.
  5. Flash back to Mid Autumn Festival. I liked describing the initial tentative interactions between Valerius and Rain, full of attraction, but also full of uncertainty and self-doubt, on both their parts. Many of us are painfully shy around the person we really like. Imagine if you had Valerius and Rain’s baggage on top of that…it took a lot of courage for them to come together.

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1 thought on “My Top 5 Favorite Scenes from Pure Healing (Book 1)”

  1. Hey Aja, I’m with you those were some of my favorite scenes as well. I loved the book as a whole though. I could re-read it again and again :).


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