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Top 5 songs (as I’m writing this, because it changes moment to moment)

When I think about my stories, it’s like watching a movie unfolding. I have some sense where it might be headed, but the details emerge relatively organically, and sometimes characters and events take me by surprise.

As with any movie, there’s a soundtrack. And characters might be closely associated with certain songs. Here are some of the songs that go through my head when the movie reel of my stories play out in my imagination.

  1. Enigma – “Sadeness”: Classic and haunting. I think of this when I envision the “ancient ones” during the Akkadian empire, before the time of the Great War
  2. Linkin Park – “In the End”: Almost any song by Linkin Park and Evanescence conjures fighting scenes for me. Gothic, dark, slick and kick-ass.
  3. Nine Inch Nails – “Closer”: this is for me Ere’s theme song 🙂  I’ll leave it at that.
  4. Hoobastank – “The Reason”: This song reminds me of Dalair. We get hints in Book 1 Pure Healing that he might have done something regrettable or was in a difficult situation in the past, and it might be related to a woman he loved/s. This song might get at his POV a little.
  5. Jason Chen – “Time Machine” (the version that’s remixed at a lower octave): It’s less about the words and more about the voice (lower octave version) and the melody that remind me of Ryu Takamura (Book 3). See the video of the actor off of whom I modeled Ryu in a fan-made music video compilation from one of his dramas: here. See him walk here (you’ll understand why I’m obsessed with his walk in Book 3). And hear his voice here (also part of the obsession).

2 thoughts on “Top 5 songs (as I’m writing this, because it changes moment to moment)”

  1. Yap. I can understand why you create your plots listening Evanescence and Linkin Park, but you know since I start your amazing series I hear Five Finger Death Punch – specially the albun “The wrong side of heaven and the right”. For me, it seems like all the lyrics, melody and rhythms were made to harmonize with your characters and stories, F*cking Amazing.
    However, when I think about my fav EVER = Ryu I listen Tokyo Blade – Warrior of Rising Sun


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