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Who I Envision When I Develop My Characters – humans and “others”

I keep a “journal” of sorts on all of my characters and flesh them out over time. If you don’t want to be influenced by my vision of what each character looks like, DO NOT PROCEED.

But if you’re curious how they look in my head, here are some of the humans and “others” who have yet to be categorized (you’ll know what I mean when you read the books)

Gabriel (Book 2): the hero of Dark Longing. Gabriel is definitely human, but will he remain so, and was he always? I picked this picture and this model because his shots always have wayward hair covering half his face, which is how we meet Gabriel for the first time in Dark Longing.


Ava (Book 3): Ava is described as a sexy Bambi in Book 3. She’s also a mix of different ancestries. I thought this picture captured just the right amount of sensual innocence.


Grace (Book 4): This is Lily Collins, in case you don’t recognize her in this unflattering picture. It does, however, represent the state of dishevelment Grace, the heroine of Book 4, usually finds herself in. She is also known for “striking” eyebrows, hence I thought of Lily Collins.


Ere: I debated whether or not to put up a picture of Ere. This one is in my notes, but the way he looks always changes in my mind whenever I write him. This picture is almost too masculine with the square jaw and defined angles (Ere’s chin is more pointed and his face shape is more of an oval), but it does capture his intensity and makes you wonder what he’s thinking about…


Ex-military human Chevalier (yet to be named, appearance in Book 2): He’ll definitely get more written about him, since I’ve already felt inspired enough to find a picture 🙂


If you’re tempted to see what I mean, check out Pure Healing (Book #1) and Dark Longing (Book #2).

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