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Best cities to live in for singles and couples without kids: international edition

  • Lots of job opportunities
  • Lots of great universities (hence, lots of young, like-minded, energetic people)
  • International and domestic airport hub
  • Great public transportation
  • Lots of night life (city that never sleeps)
  • Diversity and multi-cultural
  • Fantastic amenities (restaurants, shopping, parks, theaters, clubs, other amusements)
  • Nice to have: some large bodies of water (rivers, lakes, ocean)

Based on my own experience, here are my top picks (in no particular order):

  1. London: global citizens would love it here! But waaayyyy too expensive
  2. Shanghai: if you like lots of people, lots of youths, and endless activity, this is the place to be
  3. Hong Kong: best part is the drive into the city from the airport, you’ll see a cityscape that’s out of this world
  4. Paris: not too fond of the snobbery of Parisians (though they have gotten better over the years) but love the architecture and art
  5. New York City: loud, obnoxious, dirty, expensive. But this is the city where dreams come true!
  6. Boston: Small and quaint, but so pretty and diverse. I love the neighborhood of Back Bay in particular and the walk down Newbury Street
  7. Seattle: ridiculously expensive houses given all the tech and E-Commerce people who live here. And a LOT of clouds and rain. But makes you appreciate the sun more when it does peek out
  8. San Francisco: who can argue with sunshine and beaches? Great food, outdoor entertainment. Just too expensive. And you have to be the California-sort of person. I’ve found that you either are a East-Coast lover or a West-Coast lover. The two don’t seem to mix well.
  9. Chicago: highest tax rates in the country! But the lakes are so beautiful. Not a fan of traveling during winter through O’Hare though

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