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Most beautiful actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood

As you know, my mother watched marathons of old-Hollywood movie reruns on TV, and dragged me into it with her. After a while, I grew to like them myself (though it took me probably the 6th time of watching it to fully appreciate Gone with the Wind).

Here are some of my favorite actresses (and the best looking out of the favorites) in no particular order.

Audrey Hepburn: My mother’s favorite style icon. She of the somewhat flat chest and tiny waist. I’ve never really liked Audrey’s acting so much as Audrey herself. She’s just such a likeable human being.


Grace Kelly: In certain angles, Grace reminds me of a more current actress Amy Adams. Look at her from any angle and she looks like perfection. A real life princess.

grace kelly

Vivien Leigh: Scarlett O’Hara. The first time I saw her in Gone with the Wind I thought she was the prettiest woman that ever lived, and practiced endlessly in the mirror to arch my eyebrow just so. I finally got my left one to go up without the right one, but I’m afraid my eyebrow arch is nowhere near as dramatic as hers.

vivien leigh

Marilyn Monroe: technically speaking, I wouldn’t say she’s beautiful. Take away the blonde hair, the makeup, the sultry poses and she’s just Norma Jean. And I can’t say that she’s the most skilled actress ever. But she definitely makes an impact! I liked her best in There’s No Business Like Show Business. Check out her “Tropical Heat Wave” number.


Elizabeth Taylor: She has a face and body that simply defies nature. Those double eyelashes, violet eyes, curves galore and tiny waspish waist. Also a great actress. A truly talented woman.

elizabeth taylor

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