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5 Things to Share with Your BFF


  1. Favorite romance books, if you both like romance. Mine doesn’t. But she made an exception for Julia Quinn, so at least I found that in common between us.
  2. Favorite TV shows. Bridget Jones Diary series, Price and Prejudice BBC version and all sorts of Japanese anime and Korean dramas.
  3. Hand-written letters. My BFF and I have been writing reams of letters with real fountain pens and on pretty stationery since we were both in college. I’m a prolific writer, so you can just imagine how many novels-worth of letters she has tucked away in sweater boxes underneath her bed.
  4. Juicy gossip about hot guy crushes. Spouses notwithstanding. No harm in looking or fantasizing! I do it all the time in my novels, after all.
  5. Favorite cooking recipes. I love to cook, I’m the mighty-meaty sort. And my BFF is the dessert queen. My two favorite food groups put together – meat and dessert.

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