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Who I Envision When I Develop My Characters – The Pure Ones

I keep a “journal” of sorts on all of my characters and flesh them out over time. If you don’t want to be influenced by my vision of what each character looks like, DO NOT PROCEED.

But if you’re curious how they look in my head, here are some of the Pure Ones. Feast your eyes below…

Rain: there is something ethereal and pure and innocent about Rain that is embodied by the Chinese actress pictured below. When she first came out, she played a “fairy” in a Chinese TV drama based on a famous fantasy novel.


Valerius: well, the body speaks for itself. But the sand sort of conjures the sands in the gladiator pits in ancient Rome. I’m sure this picture was taken on the beach somewhere, but I can use my imagination… And the shaved head is very Valerius.



Seth: kind of serious, the face of a “good” guy. But the hint of dimple in his chin almost connotes that there’s a chink in his armor…


Aella: I described her in the books as a cross between Doutzen Kroes (pictured below) and Gisele Bundchen. I would say her personality is more like Gisele’s public persona (vivacious, extroverted, energetic, fearless) and her looks are more like Doutzen (the most beautiful golden Amazon princess you’ve ever seen)


Cloud (yes, I actually used an animated character because I couldn’t find a real photo that could do him justice!): Given that Cloud is a mix between Han Chinese and Russian, he has very special features that are Asian, Slavic and a mix of both. I like below picture for the slashing brows, blade-like nose and tilted eyes.


Sophia: Even though Adriana Lima (below) has hazel/ blue eyes and Sophia has brown eyes, I feel like she would best represent Sophia’s looks. There is a certain vulnerability in her eyes, and when Adriana (a world-renowned super model) was young, she was rather gangly and awkward looking, sort of like Sophia. But there’s a nascent sensuality and womanliness about her that was just waiting to bloom.


Dalair: The model is actually Argentinean, but this particular campaign makes him look more exotic, slightly Middle Eastern. I’m always amazed by the beauty of Middle Eastern men, especially the combination of dark hair, skin and light eyes. Really arresting.


If you’re tantalized by the characters, check out the book where they come to life!

As well as the upcoming release on pre-order here



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